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 School of Geography and the Environment

The African Environments Programme (AEP) is an interdisciplinary initiative that aims to foster communication, collaboration and interdisciplinary research between academics at Oxford working on environmental issues in Africa. It does this through actively promoting the exchange of information on ongoing research, bringing together different researchers through interdisciplinary seminars, and encouraging interaction between institutions in Oxford and other institutions in the UK, in Africa and other areas of the world working on environmental issues in Africa.

While the scope of its interest is broad, the AEP is particularly focussed on the following areas of work:

  • African adaptation and responses to climate change
  • Changing African landscapes/environments in response to changing social and economic developments
  • Interplay of agricultural and environmental concerns
  • Retaining biodiversity and wildlife in a manner compatible with sustainable livelihoods
  • Natural resources, conflict and exploitation

The African Environments Programme comes under the auspices of the Environmental Change Institute with coordinating input from the African Studies Centre and the School of Geography.